Gabon’s Diversification

Session 1: How can foreign investment be better leveraged for Gabon’s growth and development?

 Discussion themes:

How have non-oil foreign investment volumes changed in recent years? Which sectors have seen the most investment?

How has the broader business environment evolved in Gabon since the rollout of the Gabon Emergent strategy, and what challenges remain? To what extent can the local private sector work alongside the government to tackle these challenges?

What sort of fiscal or legal reforms might help attract further investment into value-added sectors? What impact have existing incentives had on investment?

What specific measures or reforms might help to encourage investment towards Gabon’s SMEs?



Mme Nina Abouna, Directrice Générale, APIEX

Mme Madeleine Berre, Présidente, Confédération du Patronat Gabonais & Directrice Générale, Deloitte

M. Edgar Théophile Anon, Directeur Général, BGFIBank